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Introducing Yim Lanh - Headmaster of Maggie's School Cambodia

Hello everyone! We want to introduce our amazing friend, Yim Lanh. Yim is from Tapreach Village in the Khampong Thom Province of Cambodia. Zac and Yim have been friends since completing their Discipleship Training School (DTS) in Battambang, Cambodia together in 2014.

Since graduating, Yim has been a teacher at NIBI School in Siem Reap. Yim’s dream is to oversee a school or an organization that improves the lives of Cambodian children through a Christian education. Yim’s heart is to see the empowerment of children who have been conditioned to believe they are less than or unworthy. She instead, wants to teach them about their worth in Jesus and give them an education that will propel their future. Maggie’s School Cambodia will work alongside Yim to do just that, provide an education for children who are unable to receive one because of a lack of resources.

For more stay tuned to Zac & Logen's vlog as they continue their journey with Maggie's School in Cambodia! Many more updates and information on their 'Just Love' website:

The cost to help one child at Maggie’s School is $50 per month. We have two ways for you to help support the education of the children of Maggie’s School. All donations are tax-deductable. 

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