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Matthew 28:19   Go therefore and make disciples of all the nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.

Maggie’s School was built in 2008 by Wink McLeod in memory of her daughter Maggie McLeod. Maggie was a poet and songwriter. Wink wanted to do something in honor of her late daughter so she set forth with the mission to bring education and the gospel to children in need.

GOA’s Bishop David Thagana had visited Turkana five years earlier.  When Bishop David went to Akatuman, which is the heart of Turkana, he felt lead to build a school.  The residents of Turkana had no education at all.  The population was 100% illiterate.   


There was also a water and food shortage in this region.  Bishop David began to pray for a school, a church, and a well for this people of Turkana.  When Bishop David heard of Wink’s idea to build a school in Kenya in memory of her daughter, it was an answer to his prayer.


Since the school opened nine years ago, serving less than 100 students in one classroom, many improvements have been made.  There are now eight classrooms, a pavilion, two wells, solar power has been installed including a solar powered farm, a gated fence, uniforms, two meals a day, and many more ongoing endeavors to enhance the education of the children in this remote area. Through fundraisers and generous donations, a kitchen with a large range will be built this year. Maggie’s school now serves over 700 children.





Meet our Board of Directors

 Kim Page

  Cat Mathis

Jeanie Kotrady


Jodie Winget

Brad White


Anne Norris


Diane Boisvert


Emily Tapio


Dr. John Johnson

Carey White

Jim Harris

Wink McLeod, Maggie's School Founder

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