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Maggie's School in Kenya

A local preacher visited Turkana in 2003.  When he went to Akatuman, which is the heart of Turkana, he felt lead to build a school.  The residents of Turkana had no education at all.  The population was 100% illiterate. Wink McLeod eventually built that school in the Turkana in 2008 in memory of her daughter, Maggie McLeod.

Since the school opened, serving less than 100 students in one classroom, many improvements have been made.  There are now eight classrooms, a pavilion, two wells, solar power has been installed including a solar powered farm, a gated fence, uniforms, two meals a day, and many more ongoing endeavors to enhance the education of the children in this remote area.


Through fundraisers and generous donations, a kitchen with a large range will be built this year. We have supplied students with medical and dental attention, uniforms, textbooks and supplies, soccer balls, goal posts, new bathrooms, desks, hygiene products, and a protective fence.

Wink has been our fearless leader until her unfortunate passing in 2017. It's been an adjustment since she left but her mission and her strength is still going strong. May her legacy honoring her daughter continue to produce blessings.

Maggie's School was built in memory of Maggie Elizabeth McLeod.  Tragically, Maggie died in a car accident in Greenville, SC in 2005.  Her mother, Wink McLeod, and her family continues to honor her memory through Maggie's School.

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