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Matthew 28:19  Go therefore and make disciples of all the nations,
baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.

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Maggie's School aims to change the lives of children one school at a time. Wink's vision was to share her passion for education, love and the gospel. We continue her legacy by building schools that will change communities and their children forever.


We first set the foundation

in Kenya. We started with next to nothing but hope and the courage of our children. We give them a safe place to grow and learn through God. We lay the foundation for their future and provide the tools they'll use to carry themselves 

into the future.


Our aim is to take what we've learned and keep our roll in Cambodia. Like the school in Kenya, we build with an exit strategy in mind. We will ensure schools grow until they can stand on their own. Then we're off to the next new place!




Maggie’s School is located in the Turkana region in the far North-Western part of Kenya. In 2008 Wink McLeod built the school in memory of her daughter Maggie McLeod, who was killed in a car accident when she was 19 years old. 


Currently there are over 900 children studying at Maggie’s school. There’s also a program for educating adults.

Click below to view the school's photo and video galleries as well as learn more about what the school needs and how you can help. Thank you for supporting Maggie's School!


Wink's legacy continues to change lives. We are proud to approach the time where our school in Kenya will be able to support itself. Nearly ten years of hard work has brought so much to the children there. They have uniforms, textbooks and desks, a well for drinking water, including dental and medical attention among other things. 

Thanks to the generous support of so many Wink's vision is moving on as Maggie's School arrives in Cambodia for the next chapter in our story. Please visit each school's page to learn what we've done and what is needed to keep these children learning and growing in the gospel. 


We are thrilled about our developments in Cambodia! Zac and Logen Blankenship have been meeting with local schools and assembling core team members to begin the construction of the next Maggie's School. So much to do! 


We are moving fast, building on what we've learned in Kenya and planning on establishing the new NGO as soon as we finish building our team and receiving the necessary financial support. Please be a part of our new school! Visit our page to see our progress, learn more about what's happening in Cambodia and how you can lend a hand.  

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