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Wink and Kate are at Maggie’s School

We took 400 uniforms made by the seamstress, Susan. We also took the backpacks, medical supplies, and other supplies to the school. The children sang and dance for us. They were amazing. We also dedicated Kristi’s Place, a pavilion built in memory of Maggie’s cousin, Kristi Dale Warren. She past away shortly after Maggie.

We had an amazing visit. Our ride through the desert were exciting, yet rough. The river beds were dry, so no problems there. The sand ruts were like plowing through deep snow. Our Land Cruiser was great! We took three vehicles with us and none of them got stuck. One time the sand flew up and covered our windshield, and not only blinded us, but scared us to death. We saw many camels and One exciting thing was the planting of the trees. The trees are Neem, which grow fast and have medical value.

The cost to help one child at Maggie’s School is $50 per month. We have two ways for you to help support the education of the children of Maggie’s School. All donations are tax-deductable. 

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