August 11, 2015

In July we were able to send new uniforms to the newly enrolled children. Children who have been at Maggie’s School for several years were also given new uniforms as their uniforms were


 worn out. A child in a uniform is protected from tribal warfare as they are being...

August 10, 2015


Katie Warren was a board member since the beginning of Maggie’s School. She had been to Maggie’s School and Kenya with Wink McLeod on several occasions. Katie was a teacher in Pickens County for 27 years and marveled at what was being done at Maggie’s School in the mi...

August 7, 2015

In July a medical team was sent to the school to treat the children. The visit was a huge success. All of the children received deworming medication. Every child was examined and all cuts and scrapes were treated. The overall health of each child was evaluated. This is...

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